I want to help

Giving up your time to accompany those in need to the doctor, to the authorities, to kindergarten; to help them learn German; to help sort and distribute donations in kind. Voluntary helpers are needed in many areas.

I need help

Providing the help that is needed quickly, without unnecessary bureaucracy. Whether you need help furnishing your apartment, dealing with the authorities, or connecting to the Internet – those looking for help will find those offering help here.

I received help

Many people have already benefited from help and this is where they can say “Thank you!” People who have benefited from Jülich helping them.

We support
“Jülich hilft”


Thank you! Your help makes a difference.

Kinderautositze & Kinderfahrräder gesucht
Juli 17, 2019

Das Sozialamt der Stadt Jülich freut sich über gespendete Kinderautositze & Kinderfahrräder. Wenn Sie helfen können, melden Sie sich bitte bei: Andrea Klein, Tel. 02461 63 365, Sigrid Forst, T

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Kleine Hände werden mobiler
Januar 9, 2019

Kleine Hände werden mobiler Jülicher Verein braucht Kinderwagen und Fahrräder. Eine Spende von ETC. Hier geht es zum Artikel: Jülich hilft Kleine Hände

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Stadtfest Rückblick und Jülich hilft
Stadtfest Rückblick und Jülich hilft
Januar 9, 2019

Den dazugehörigen Zeitungsartikel finden sie hier Verlinkt. Jülich hilft und Stadtfest Rückblick

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Many people in Jülich are in need of support and assistance. And many of those living in Jülich want to help. “Jülich hilft” wants to function as a hub for practical assistance in Jülich.


“Jülich hilft” is an initiative under the aegis of the town of Jülich that emerged from the refugee aid round table in Jülich. Representatives of the local authorities, clubs and societies, initiatives, social institutions, and churches worked together on its conception.


We are citizens of Jülich and want to help others in Jülich.

My reason to help

Donor Name “Helping demands a certain freedom from inner and external constraints, from prejudices, from selfishness. I enjoy helping and sharing this feeling to a certain degree with others.”Dorothée Schenk journalist
Donor Name “‘He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble.‘ It’s striking how biased God is in the New Testament! And I want to do something as a Christian to help protect those in danger.“Josef Wolff priest
Donor Name “I hep because Jesus loves us all no matter where we come from!”Simon Diercks pastor
Donor Name ``I support refugees, because they derve our humanity and kindness after their sorrows of escaping and displacement. Our help should be a light of hope for their strains of everyday life, here, far away from home.``Barbara Biel lay pastor