Under the aegis of the town of Jülich, active individuals and organizations in and around Jülich have joined forces to create a platform aiming to make social engagement more visible and open to all. The main objective is to create a better network for everyone in Jülich.

“Jülich hilft” …
… shows active individuals where help is needed and whether donations of time or donations in kind are required.
… offers aid agencies the option of centrally publicizing the donations they need.

Here, voluntary helpers can read about what type of aid is required (sorted by target group and topic) and contact the coordinator directly.
Public and non-governmental charities and organizations seeking volunteers or donations in kind can register with “Jülich hilft” and publish their requests for help. In future, we also plan to provide details of where various types of advice, aid, and information are available.


How “Jülich hilft” came into being…
In February 2015, a round table met at the initiative of the evangelical church. Chaired by presbyters Anne Gatzen and Arne Schenk, the round table focussed on how aid could be provided for refugees, quickly and without the bureaucracy. They discussed how social institutions, clubs, associations, and organizations could work together more efficiently with each other and with the town authorities concerned with refugees. They quickly realized that this was not enough. Donations had to be coordinated, points of information established, and contact people found to correlate the overwhelming response from the people of Jülich willing to help. That this should not be limited solely to aid for refugees was a point they immediately agreed upon.

“Jülich hilft” covers all facets of Jülich’s willingness to help.


Who is behind “Jülich hilft”?
The mayor of Jülich is the patron of the initiative.
The town administration is responsible for the technical administration of the website. All data provided to “Jülich hilft” will be used exclusively to publicize available advisory and information services as well as aid and assistance sought/offered.
The editorial content of “Jülich hilft” is coordinated on a voluntary basis by Presse- und KulturBüro Schenk + Schenk.
The website was designed and programmed pro bono by Simon Diercks.
Comments and suggestions should be sent to redaktion@www.juelich-hilft.de.
“Jülich hilft” is supported by various aid agencies in Jülich.

We hope that “Jülich hilft” will provide the citizens of Jülich with a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the advice, aid, and information offered by our town and that voluntary helpers and people willing to donate their time or goods will learn where their assistance is needed most.
We look forward to your feedback!
Your team at “Jülich hilft”